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Nothing is more frustrating to me than a podcast where I can’t find the RSS Feed link. Well, it occurs to me that I didn’t make mine readily visible . . . until now. If you want the raw RSS feed, go to and enjoy!

Programming note

Summer Hiatus

I’ve decided that, like last year, I need to take a summer hiatus from producing the podcast. If a significant story needs attention, like last year, I’ll break hiatus to bring it to you.

When I return in September, the production schedule will be on the Sunday after the second and fourth Friday of each month, rather than on Saturdays. As such, I expect episode 150 to drop on September 15th. Talk to you then!


Episode 150 is postponed

Well, it appears that I was supposed to do a podcast yesterday, and, to be blunt, life just ran my ass over.

That said, for practical reasons, I am going to shift my production schedule a little bit. I will post as soon as I have decided on a new on. It will probably be something being released on Sundays rather than Saturdays.

Talk to you all soon!

A dumpster fire floating down a river in a flood zone

Little Brother Episode 149 2024-06-15

Using large language models to speed up exploitations. Will Windows 12 be a subscription? Signal will leave the EU rather than compromise their encryption. EFF slams age verification law in Texas. I just saved a bunch of money on my insurance because my insurer bought my data.

Voices of 2600: Touch screens in cars.

Pwn: Ticketmaster; follow-up on ARRL, sorta.

Fail: Google AI.

Who's the dumbass?

Little Brother Episode 148 2024-05-25

FCC fines all the major cell carriers for abusing location data, then goes on to clarify net neutrality rules. Simon Properties gives access to data from their Flock cameras directly to law enforcement. Microsoft, however, bars access to law enforcement. Automatic emergency braking on cars now mandatory.

Representative Tom Emmer (D-MN) gets a bill through the House to bar the Federal Reserve from issuing digital currency. A journalist tries to get their Honda to stop tracking them.

Pwn: Kaiser Permanente, Dell, Outabox, Post Millennial, ZScaler, American Radio Relay League, Western Sydney University, Albany County in New York, plus thoughts on the MITRE pwn.

Fail: Rockwell Automation

Programming note

Episode 148 is postponed.

Life is being a bit problematic right now and I have no capacity to use to produce today’s podcast. I’ll be back in two weeks, hopefully.

Let's try that again.

Little Brother Episode 147 2024-04-27

Grindr accused of revealing HIV status of its users. Missouri AG sues media watchdog. Google deletes data they collected from “incognito” mode users. Target targeted over biometrics. NYC to use body scanners on the Subways. Bill to prohibit law enforcement from using data brokers passes House. Tik-Tok “ban” passes. Windows 11 now advertises in the Start menu.

Using the EICAR string to test for plaintext password storage. More on auto insurers buying data from your car’s manufacturer.

Alert: PuTTY vulnerable to revealing private keys.

Pwns: Lightning round! AT&T; OWASP; Jackson County, Missouri; Cisco; New York State; MITRE. More on the Change Healthcare pwn.

Infrastructure: Muleshoe, TX water supply; 911 in four states.

Opsec: Bribing cellco employees for SIM swaps; High quality phishing attack against LastPass; Facebook was trying to snoop Snapchat traffic and others.

Fail: Bell Canda Fibe TV Cloud DVR.

Programming note

Episode 147 is postponed.

Due to illness, episode 147 is postponed, probably until 2024-04-27. It isn’t lost on me that this happened at the worst possible time, specifically when the whole XZ and SSH matter unfolded, and for that I apologize, but there’s little question about my ability to produce an episode right now . . . that ability is just not there.

They're spying on us.

Little Brother Episode 146 2024-03-23

Automakers want us to fear right-to-repair. Florida man sues GM for invading his privacy. NYPD doesn’t wish to explain themselves to a judge. Lawsuit against Apple over Airtag stalking is given the green light.

Alerts: Fortinet, Apple M-series processors

Focus: Cyberwarfare against critical infrastructure

Opsec: Cars and Internet connections

Pwn: Roku

Fail: McDonald’s

Rare Form

Little Brother Episode 145 2024-03-09

Meta collecting anonymized data from Quest headset users. Biden signs an executive order to prevent foreign powers from buying your data. NSO group ordered to turn over source code to Meta. Signal Private Messenger beta-testing hiding your phone number. Bill that might ban TikTok and others comes out of committee.

Pwns: Change Healthcare, City of Oakley, CISA(!!)

Fails: Mars, Flock Security


Little Brother Episode 144 2024-02-24

European court finds in favor of end-to-end encryption. India finds against Protonmail. Reddit to go public. Charles Berthoud has been cancelled and can’t find out why.

Follow ups: Police Raid on Marion County Recorder (ep. 133a), AMBER Alert (ep. 136).

AI Roundup: AI Researcher fined incorrectly by an AI for a traffic infraction. Amazon finds emergent behaviors from AI. Air Canada held to promises made by its AI chatbot. English teacher finds a way to stop LLM-based plagiarism.

Opsec: Mixup of user data at Wyze. Near Intelligence is tracking patients at family planning clinics. Shipping company busted for putting GPS trackers on police cars.

Pwn: IMS. Fails:, AT&T Wireless.