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Déjà vu all over again

Little Brother Episode 110 2022-12-03

Huawei, ZTE and others now officially banned from US infrastructure. Twitter ends its COVID misinformation policy. Eufy cameras don’t use the cloud, except that they do. Data wipers attack governments in Russia as part of the war.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. San Francisco approves of killer robots for police. Payphones are back in Philadelphia, except for that whole ‘pay’ part. Geofence warrants redux. Dancing naked on TikTok.

Pwns of the week: Meta, Twitter, LastPass. Fail of the week: University of Maine at Augusta.

Keep it short.

Little Brother Episode 109 2022-11-22

Elon Musk reinstates Donald Trump’s Twitter account. AT&T uses drones to restore service in disaster areas. San Francisco Police want to arm their robots.

Adobe breaks the works of artists and Stuart Semple provides a path to prevent a repeat.

Pwn of the week: Twitter. Fail of the week: Apple.

He's Ba-ack!

Little Brother Episode 108 2022-11-19

The legendary iPhone privacy might just be a legend. DuckDuckGo for Android blocks app-based trackers. Unviersity of Maryland students apply dazzle camouflage concept to AI

Microsoft forgets that commercial users need their computers for work. The Elonphant in the room. University of Guelph students research whether or not computer repair shops snoop on customers.

Pwns of the week: Booz Allen Hamilton and FTX. Fail of the week: Google Pixel 5 and 6.

Programming note

Little Brother Episode 108 will be published on 2022-11-19.

Apologies for the delay, but for personal reasons, I need to take a two week break. Little Brother will return on the 19th with episode 108. See you all then!

Patch! Your! Systems!

Little Brother Episode 107 2022-10-29

You can’t hide a pregnancy from Big Data. Elon Musk now owns Twitter. The Mayo Clinic wants everybody’s medical records. Signal is ready to walk away from India over encryption law. Meta fined $24.6 Million by Washington State.

Patch your systems! Apple iOS, Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and OpenSSL all have new patches addressing critical vulnuerabilities.

Lana Del Rey and Ed Sheeran both lost control of their work product. Let’s talk about what can be done to tighten up control of your data.

Pwn of the week: Iran.

Get your damn data!

Little Brother Episode 106 2022-10-22

Kanye West buys Parler, Doxxes all their VIPs. Oakland wants police robots armed. Meta is talking about privacy again. Telegram fined €5.12 million by German authorities. Cloud computing doesn’t save money. Geneticists changing gene names because of Excel.

Lots of news about surveillance this week, some of it good. Get your damn data. Listener letter about hacking drones and hacking with drones.

Pwns of the week: Microsoft, Russia. Fail of the week: FDNY.

Flock 'em if they can't take a joke.

Little Brother Episode 105 2022-10-15

Another town gets Flocked. Facebook is worried about . . . privacy? ServiceNow goes down. Apple likely to put USB-C connectors on iPhone 15. Google Fiber field tests 20 Gbit/sec Internet.

A court in the Netherlands awards €75,000 in a workplace surveillance case. Ontario requires employers to disclose workplace surveillance to employees. Signal for Android is going to lose SMS capability. WiFi Pineapples can be strapped to drones.

Pwns of the week: Intel, Iranian State TV, multiple US airports. Fail of the week: Toyota.

Holding portals captive

Little Brother Episode 104 2022-10-08

Limits on intelligence collection by the US in Europe. Flock Safety again. California corporations cannot share data with out-of-state authorities over abortion. Hactivists attacking Russia from the inside. DOJ files charges over counterfeit Cisco gear. EU mandates USB-C as the one port to rule them all. Signal Private Messenger really is private.

Pwns of the week: LA Unified School District, TD Bank. Fail of the week: An un-named financial company in Hawaii.

…and I hate captive portals. Find out why!

Nosy, nosy, nosy

Little Brother Episode 103 2022-10-01

BGP hijacking costs $235,000 in cryptocurrency. VPN operators vacate India. US Postal Service is nosy. Churches are nosier. Meta and Samsung get sued for being nosy. Ed Snowden is now a Russian. Democratic Senators want to close Fourth Amendment loophole. Taiwan is training its citizens in cybersecurity.

Amazon wants to buy a chain of doctor’s offices. Book bans . . . or not . . . in Central York, Pennsylvania. Attacks on open-source Windows apps.

Pwn of the week: Canada Border Services Agency. Fail of the week: Wing.

Data brokers are creepy. Uncategorized

Little Brother Episode 102 2022-09-24

Chrome and Edge spell-check functions send your passwords to the cloud. Australian Senator wants to ban TikTok. Augury gives Big Brother . . . everything.

Data Brokers are creepy. Password managers not considered harmful.

Pwn of the week: Empress EMS and an update on Uber. Fail of the week: Morgan-Stanley