Busy busy busy . . . .

Little Brother Episode 45 2021-07-31

Due to a crazy busy schedule, this is a headlines-only edition. I hope to have something more substantial next week.

Programming note

Episode 45 may be delayed or short.

Due to a gig this weekend, and the possibility of a second one, episode 45 is unlikely to come out on 2021-07-31 as originally planned, or I might release a headlines-only edition. Not that there’s been time to establish a “normal” yet, but we should be back to the “intended normal” next week of publishing once a week.

He's Ba-ack!

Little Brother Episode 44 2021-07-24

AWS and Akamai break the Internet, Pegasus spyware, Musings about Audacity, and why is this Episode 44?

What's Old Is New Again

Old episodes now back online!

Old episodes of Little Brother from 2002 and before are now online for the first time in over a decade! You can find them on the archive page, which is located here.