Little Brother will resume next week.

Owing to the holiday and personal obligations, there will be no episode this week. Little Brother will resume next week with Episode 87 publishing on Saturday, 3 May 2022. See you all next week.

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Little Brother Episode 86 2022-05-21

Fuel theft by hacking the pump in Dallas. Smart card readers that bring malware along for the ride. Bank of Zambia trolls their would-be attackers. DOJ easing up on CFAA prosecutions.

Why I hate signature pads, plus this podcast reaches a milepost.

Pwn of the week: Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY). Fail of the week: Apple.

Third Party Pwnage

Little Brother Episode 85 2022-05-14

Clearview AI now blocked in Illinois. AirBNB chief wants to do away with offices. Ransomware attacks down. Mechanical keyboards are little snitches.

Pwns of the week: Lincoln college, RuTube, Russian TV media

Fails of the week: Javascript foreach module, F5 Big IP

Opsec tip of the week: Avoid falling victim to the third party doctrine with TOR, ProtonMail, Signal Private Messenger


Little Brother Episode 84 2022-05-07

India demands that breaches be reported, then that VPNs keep records making them useless. CDC has been tracking cell phones. FBI has been using the third-party doctrine to skip warrants. Google fights dragnets in Brazil, but not here. Alexa’s been spying on you to choose ads. Safegraph knows who’s getting abortions. Mental health apps suck at security. Grindr sells location data.

Pwn of the week: Illuminate Education

More on open-source router firmware, featuring Open WRT

Opsec tip: use a password manager, preferably KeePassXC.