They're spying on us.

Little Brother Episode 146 2024-03-23

Automakers want us to fear right-to-repair. Florida man sues GM for invading his privacy. NYPD doesn’t wish to explain themselves to a judge. Lawsuit against Apple over Airtag stalking is given the green light.

Alerts: Fortinet, Apple M-series processors

Focus: Cyberwarfare against critical infrastructure

Opsec: Cars and Internet connections

Pwn: Roku

Fail: McDonald’s

Rare Form

Little Brother Episode 145 2024-03-09

Meta collecting anonymized data from Quest headset users. Biden signs an executive order to prevent foreign powers from buying your data. NSO group ordered to turn over source code to Meta. Signal Private Messenger beta-testing hiding your phone number. Bill that might ban TikTok and others comes out of committee.

Pwns: Change Healthcare, City of Oakley, CISA(!!)

Fails: Mars, Flock Security