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Little Brother Episode 99 2022-08-27

Programming note: I’m taking the Labor Day weekend off. Episode 100 will be posted in two weeks.

Twilio hack impactes 2FA services. Brennan Center for Justice sues the DHS for information. Zero-day used to steal cryptocurrency. Healthcare provider spills patient data to Meta.

Judge slaps public university for invading students’ privacy. Google makes false child-sexual-abuse accusations.

Pwns of the week: LastPass, Plex. Fail of the week: Tesla.

One reply on “Little Brother Episode 99 2022-08-27”

Little brother how can you recommend Keepass?.
Keepass a password manager that multiple times has been exploited by cyber adversaries to leverage high profile attacks.
search for “keepass” on these documents:

None of the existing cybersecurity frameworks in the world recommend password managers.

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