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Little Brother Episode 102 2022-09-24

Chrome and Edge spell-check functions send your passwords to the cloud. Australian Senator wants to ban TikTok. Augury gives Big Brother . . . everything.

Data Brokers are creepy. Password managers not considered harmful.

Pwn of the week: Empress EMS and an update on Uber. Fail of the week: Morgan-Stanley

Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full

Little Brother Episode 101 2022-09-17

Meta isn’t interested in what harm they cause to society. South Korea fines Meta and Google. A coalition wants the FTC to block Amazon’s purchase of iRobot. The FBI is worried about outdated medical devices. Excel Energy pays to control your thermostat.

Who is Mudge?

Pwns of the week: Uber, LastPass. Opsec tip of the week: don’t use face unlock. Fail of the week: Aer Lingus

Opus 100

Little Brother Episode 100 2022-09-10

Alphabet bans ad-blocking VPNs from the app store. Ireland’s DPC fines Meta. More Dobbs fun and games. Twitter bans using the API for law enforcement surveillance. Federal government sues a data broker. Mac now does real-time malware scanning. QNAP NAS appliances now have a malware. Peter Eckersley, PhD, RIP.

Pwns of the week: Doordash, OSLA, TikTok, The IRS, Yandex Taxi.

Fail of the week: about 1900 iOS apps.

Oh yeah, and it’s episode 100!