No fly for you!

Little Brother Episode 116 2023-01-28

UK Schools fail cybersecurity audit. Landlords use AI to find excuses to evict tenants. Appliance makers are sad that you’re not putting your smart appliances on the Internet. Smart appliances are talking to Russia and China. Panasonic to stop making blank Blu-Ray discs.

Discussion of decoding a key from a photograph. Streisand effect on a BBC documentary. Don’t download that, you don’t know where it’s been.

Pwn of the week: Green Party of Canada, TSA No-Fly List. Fail of the week: Microsoft.

Privilege to repair

Little Brother Episode 115 2023-01-21

John Deer grants “privilege” to repair in exchange for something. CNIL fines Apple for spying on its users. The UK now requires gigabit broadband for all new residential construction as part of their building code. DDOSecrets shares leaks from Cellebrite and MSAB.

Interview with DOA about the good and bad of Project Lifesaver

Pwns of the past two weeks: Royal Mail (UK), Meta, Mailchimp and T-Mobile . . . again. Fail of the week: US Federal Aviation Administration.

Programming note

Episode 115 will publish next week.

Due to an important life event, episode 115 will be delayed a week. Please look for it on 2023-01-21. See you then!

Your call is important to us.

Little Brother Episode 114 2023-01-07

India to require USB-C on all devices, just like in the EU. Zulily software engineer pulls heist inspired by Office Space. New US law encourages research into quantum-proof cryptography. Chinese government investigating nosy tech workers. Yet another way to spy on you has been developed. Bug bounty collected for a bug that turns a Google device into a bug.

Twitter sued for not paying rent. Meta fined in the EU. Google case in California revived by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Lastpass sued for the two breeches last year. Slack source code stolen from GitHub.

Pwns of the week: Hospital for Sick Children, Suffolk County, Several brands of cars. Fails of the week: Twitter and an unnamed Tesla driver in Germany

Art feature: The Hold From Hell.