Time to think about it.

Little Brother Episode 138 2023-11-11

Is Tutanota a front? Senators want to curtail FISA. The Director of the National Counterterrorism Center does not. Virginia game wardens are out of control. China requires IPv6 support on domestically-sold network kit.

Voices of 2600: 3D printers and background checks. Pwns of the week: US Radiology, Okta redux. Fails of the week: EU bill that hobbles browser encryption; US bill that allows for secret laws.


Little Brother Episode 137 2023-10-28

Using hexadecimal to obfuscate IPv4 addresses. CURL has two CVEs. WordPress covert RAT plugin masquerades as caching goody. Universal Music Group sues AI proprietor.

Proposed law in New York State would require a background check for . . . 3D printers.

Pwns: Casio, Okta. Fail: US Environmental Protection Agency.

Well, duh!

Little Brother Episode 136 2023-10-14

Fake photos of politicians and billboards. Meta trains its AI on your posts on their platforms. Norway fines Meta. ACLU is worried about school surveillance. New York is, too. Sound Thinking buys Geolitica, but neither one of them works. MGM receives an insurance payout. Netflix mails its last DVD.

Net neutrality is back. ATSC 3 loses a supporter.

Pwns of the week: Canonical, Ltd.; 23 and Me; Johnson Controls

Fail of the week: New York State’s AMBER alerts

Flying Tasers!

Little Brother Episode 135 2023-09-23

Apple warns Russian journalists that their phones may be compromised. Axon loses its ethics board over flying tasers. Linux backdoor discovered. Elon thinks you should pay for Twitter . . . er . . . X.

Pwns: T-Mobile, MGM Grand. Opsec: California law lets you block data brokers with one stop. Fail: Square.

He's Ba-ack!

Little Brother Episode 134 2023-09-09

Heaviest cyberattack target is manufacturing. FCC responds to cable company whining. Augmented reality glasses skew power. Texas anti-porn law deemed unconstitutional

Follow up on the Marion Record raid. Tennessee hospital provides list of transgendered patients to the Attorney General. In carriage negotiations with Spectrum, did Disney overplay their hand?

Fail of the fortnight: United Airlines

Uh oh, he's mad!

Little Brother Extra! Episode 133a 2023-08-19

This extra episode is all about the police raid on a small-town Kansas newspaper on 2023-08-11.

It sounds stupid!

Little Brother Episode 133 2023-07-15

Texas TikTok ban challenged in court. Gfycat shutting down in September. The US Senate is considering a bill to require ISPs, hosting providers and websites to snoop on us.

AI news roundup including voices of Albany 2600. France news roundup (yes, really). Threads discussion including voices of Albany 2600.

Opsec: Massachusetts law protects location data on mobile devices, Senators ask pointed questions about Amazon Clinic.

Pwn: Sony pwns their own.

Not to be outdone . . .

Little Brother Episode 132 2023-06-24

Satellite cellular service tested. WD wants you to buy more hard drives. Texas outlaws kids on social media. Yep, the government is buying data to skirt the fourth and fifth amendments. They’re using it to track pro-choice activists. Teams has a bug (no, really?). Court pauses Microsoft acquisition of Activision. New games released for Nintendo Gameboy Color and Atari VCS.

Heads-up: GitHub bug allowing repos to be taken over, what causes it and how to prevent it.

Commentaries: Right to Repair, Advertisements, All-in pricing.

Roundups: The Reddit meltdown, AI

Pwns: Ofcom, DOE, St. Margaret’s Hospital

Fail: Crypto keys can be read by watching the power light of a smart card reader.

The end of Reddit

Little Brother Episode 131 2023-06-10

Border searches of cell phones need a warrant. Music pirates are not terrorists. YouTube no longer blocking 2020 election denial. Reddit 230 case denied cert. Air Force disclaims AI drone stories. Japanese authorities want Open AI to respect their citizens. Intel claims to be able to pick out deep fakes.

Barracuda Email Security Gateways should be replaced. Reddit pisses off its users. Money stored in payment apps shouldn’t be. Amazon doesn’t respect your privacy.

Pwn: Florida Baptist Convention. Fail: Lawyers using ChatGPT for legal research.

It's all academic.

Little Brother Episode 130 2023-05-27

Kentucky schools to us AI for weapon detection. CBP uses AI to root through travelers’ social media. Facebook faces record fine. Google sued for privacy violations. CDA section 230 survives court challenge. Montana bans TikTok and gets sued for it. Social media influencer does good. Virginia joins Utah in requiring age verification for porn sites. Stock market gets rattled by AI-generated image. AM radios may be required equipment in cars. Some Android set-top boxes come pre-infected with malware.

Printers suck. Satphones for Senators. If you have i-Record, delete it now.

Pwn of the week: USDOT, also some news about a malware that demands charity. Fail of the week: a professor at Texas A&M