A metric fuckton

Little Brother Episode 139 2023-11-25

Google comes down on ad blocking. Apple adds RCS to iOS. ETSI promises to open the TETRA specifications. ChatGPT might be able to unredact. High drama at OpenAI. Presidents Biden and Xi talk about AI.

Alerts: Reptar, SSH key theft, Internet appliances getting pwnt and botted.

Pwns: Kivu Security Tracker, NYC Bar Association, Meridian Link. Fail: UK BioBank.

Time to think about it.

Little Brother Episode 138 2023-11-11

Is Tutanota a front? Senators want to curtail FISA. The Director of the National Counterterrorism Center does not. Virginia game wardens are out of control. China requires IPv6 support on domestically-sold network kit.

Voices of 2600: 3D printers and background checks. Pwns of the week: US Radiology, Okta redux. Fails of the week: EU bill that hobbles browser encryption; US bill that allows for secret laws.