Nosy, nosy, nosy

Little Brother Episode 103 2022-10-01

BGP hijacking costs $235,000 in cryptocurrency. VPN operators vacate India. US Postal Service is nosy. Churches are nosier. Meta and Samsung get sued for being nosy. Ed Snowden is now a Russian. Democratic Senators want to close Fourth Amendment loophole. Taiwan is training its citizens in cybersecurity.

Amazon wants to buy a chain of doctor’s offices. Book bans . . . or not . . . in Central York, Pennsylvania. Attacks on open-source Windows apps.

Pwn of the week: Canada Border Services Agency. Fail of the week: Wing.

Data brokers are creepy. Uncategorized

Little Brother Episode 102 2022-09-24

Chrome and Edge spell-check functions send your passwords to the cloud. Australian Senator wants to ban TikTok. Augury gives Big Brother . . . everything.

Data Brokers are creepy. Password managers not considered harmful.

Pwn of the week: Empress EMS and an update on Uber. Fail of the week: Morgan-Stanley

Negative, Ghost Rider, the pattern is full

Little Brother Episode 101 2022-09-17

Meta isn’t interested in what harm they cause to society. South Korea fines Meta and Google. A coalition wants the FTC to block Amazon’s purchase of iRobot. The FBI is worried about outdated medical devices. Excel Energy pays to control your thermostat.

Who is Mudge?

Pwns of the week: Uber, LastPass. Opsec tip of the week: don’t use face unlock. Fail of the week: Aer Lingus

Opus 100

Little Brother Episode 100 2022-09-10

Alphabet bans ad-blocking VPNs from the app store. Ireland’s DPC fines Meta. More Dobbs fun and games. Twitter bans using the API for law enforcement surveillance. Federal government sues a data broker. Mac now does real-time malware scanning. QNAP NAS appliances now have a malware. Peter Eckersley, PhD, RIP.

Pwns of the week: Doordash, OSLA, TikTok, The IRS, Yandex Taxi.

Fail of the week: about 1900 iOS apps.

Oh yeah, and it’s episode 100!

Dystopian corporate fuckery

Little Brother Episode 99 2022-08-27

Programming note: I’m taking the Labor Day weekend off. Episode 100 will be posted in two weeks.

Twilio hack impactes 2FA services. Brennan Center for Justice sues the DHS for information. Zero-day used to steal cryptocurrency. Healthcare provider spills patient data to Meta.

Judge slaps public university for invading students’ privacy. Google makes false child-sexual-abuse accusations.

Pwns of the week: LastPass, Plex. Fail of the week: Tesla.

What else can break?

Little Brother Episode 98 2022-08-20

Janet Jackson breaks the machine. Realtek machines are already broken. Analyze how broken in-app browsers are. Wait, is someone following me? Get a warrant.

South Staffordshire water supplier pwnt, incompetent malware gang extorts Thames Water for it. Service included with purchase . . . until it isn’t. Amazon knows what I drive. Listener letter from Darryl and creepy reproductive health apps.

Pwn of the week: Twilio. Fail of the week: New York State Board of Regents.

...and there it is!

Little Brother Episode 97 2022-08-13

Your car is a snitch. Your printer is a brat. Jared Mauch is the hero we need. Elon Musk might not be.

Abortion arrest in Nebraska used SMS and Facebook evidence. Ubiquitous surveillance becomes prime-time entertainment.

Pwns of the week: Twitter, Wooton Upper School, Kimberly College, and an un-named victim of three simultaneous attacks. Fail of the week: Google.

Amazon just bought your floorplan

Little Brother Episode 96 2022-08-06

Side-effect of 988. Microsoft scrubs plans to help detect leaving employees. Anonymous attacks Russia. TOR gets past Russian censorship. Timmy Ho customers due some compensation. Robinhood fined $30 million.

Amazon is buying iRobot. What does that mean for you?

Opsec tip of the week: TOR.

Fail of the week: Alex Jones’s legal team.

Feel the burnout

Little Brother Episode 95 2022-07-30

Won’t someone think of the children? Huawei cell towers considered harmful. Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter also considered harmful. Answers about Rogers start to emerge. Persistent user tracking . . . again. Samsung introduces repair mode.

Focus: We need to talk about doorbell cameras.

Focus: IT burnout

Listener letter: Darryl

Fail of the week: Unjected

The Snitch in your Pocket

Little Brother Episode 94 2022-07-23

T-Mobile pays $350 million in settlement over getting pwnt. MinIO revokes Nutanix’ license under GPL. We’re going to stop trying to reach you about your vehicle’s extended warranty. FCC wants to know if cell phone providers are revealing your location. Lime adds a new level of surveillance to their electric scooters.

Focus piece: The ACLU’s efforts to FOIA federal use of cellular location data.

Messages from the listeners: Azriel and an anonymous listener from Texas.

Opsec tip: Duck Duck Go, Kiwix

Fails of the week: Microsoft 365, Albany International Airport parking