Dystopian corporate fuckery

Little Brother Episode 99 2022-08-27

Programming note: I’m taking the Labor Day weekend off. Episode 100 will be posted in two weeks.

Twilio hack impactes 2FA services. Brennan Center for Justice sues the DHS for information. Zero-day used to steal cryptocurrency. Healthcare provider spills patient data to Meta.

Judge slaps public university for invading students’ privacy. Google makes false child-sexual-abuse accusations.

Pwns of the week: LastPass, Plex. Fail of the week: Tesla.

What else can break?

Little Brother Episode 98 2022-08-20

Janet Jackson breaks the machine. Realtek machines are already broken. Analyze how broken in-app browsers are. Wait, is someone following me? Get a warrant.

South Staffordshire water supplier pwnt, incompetent malware gang extorts Thames Water for it. Service included with purchase . . . until it isn’t. Amazon knows what I drive. Listener letter from Darryl and creepy reproductive health apps.

Pwn of the week: Twilio. Fail of the week: New York State Board of Regents.

...and there it is!

Little Brother Episode 97 2022-08-13

Your car is a snitch. Your printer is a brat. Jared Mauch is the hero we need. Elon Musk might not be.

Abortion arrest in Nebraska used SMS and Facebook evidence. Ubiquitous surveillance becomes prime-time entertainment.

Pwns of the week: Twitter, Wooton Upper School, Kimberly College, and an un-named victim of three simultaneous attacks. Fail of the week: Google.

Amazon just bought your floorplan

Little Brother Episode 96 2022-08-06

Side-effect of 988. Microsoft scrubs plans to help detect leaving employees. Anonymous attacks Russia. TOR gets past Russian censorship. Timmy Ho customers due some compensation. Robinhood fined $30 million.

Amazon is buying iRobot. What does that mean for you?

Opsec tip of the week: TOR.

Fail of the week: Alex Jones’s legal team.