Uh oh, he's mad!

Little Brother Episode 90 2022-06-25

Cloudflare goes down, taking Down Detector with it. Mega’s encryption can be bypassed. Germany has tough questions for the EU about protecting the children. Microsoft detects Russian cyber-psyops. DOJ detects Russian botnet and takes it out.

Ring doorbells’ audio capability considered harmful. Non-abortion implications of Roe overturn. Opsec for traveling under the radar and for attending protests.

Pwn of the week: Beanstalk Farms. Fails of the week: the Japanese city of Amagasaki, and the government of India.


Little Brother Episode 89 2022-06-18

K9 merges with Thunderbird. Internet Explorer retires. Tesla insecurity. Jewel v. NSA has reached its end. China abuses its COVID app. Michigan introduces digital license plates for some reason. Ray Ban creates a new sousveillance tool.

Pwn of the week: Kaiser Permanente

Fail of the week: Lenovo

Don't get lost!

Little Brother Episode 88 2022-06-11

Privacy preserving data and analytics. Follina used by state actors. EU requires portable devices to charge with USB-C connectors. Apple M1 processor security can be beaten by abusing speculative execution. Ukrainian IT sector still working thanks to remote work. Axon wants to produce a taser-armed drone, and loses three quarters of its ethics board for it.

GPS Jamming and what to do about it.

Pwn of the week: Mandiant . . . maybe?

Fail of the week: The Mayflower sails for Plymouth, lands in Halifax, eh!

Right To Repair

Little Brother Episode 87 2022-06-04

Microsoft knows if you’re leaving your employer. New South Wales digital driver’s licenses easily forged. Tim Horton’s app knows too much about you. Google asked to collect less data so as not to tip off abortion foes. Follina bug in MS Office lets you run code remotely even with macros disabled.

Pwns of the week: Chicago Central Schools, DEA, the entire government of Costa Rica.

New York passes a Right to Repair bill after California fails to do so. Hear the thoughts of the Albany 2600 group

Dramatic reading: The Conscience of a Hacker by +++The Mentor+++