Feel the burnout

Little Brother Episode 95 2022-07-30

Won’t someone think of the children? Huawei cell towers considered harmful. Nintendo Wi-Fi adapter also considered harmful. Answers about Rogers start to emerge. Persistent user tracking . . . again. Samsung introduces repair mode.

Focus: We need to talk about doorbell cameras.

Focus: IT burnout

Listener letter: Darryl

Fail of the week: Unjected

The Snitch in your Pocket

Little Brother Episode 94 2022-07-23

T-Mobile pays $350 million in settlement over getting pwnt. MinIO revokes Nutanix’ license under GPL. We’re going to stop trying to reach you about your vehicle’s extended warranty. FCC wants to know if cell phone providers are revealing your location. Lime adds a new level of surveillance to their electric scooters.

Focus piece: The ACLU’s efforts to FOIA federal use of cellular location data.

Messages from the listeners: Azriel and an anonymous listener from Texas.

Opsec tip: Duck Duck Go, Kiwix

Fails of the week: Microsoft 365, Albany International Airport parking


Little Brother Episode 93 2022-07-16

988 as bew phone number for national suicide prevention and mental health hotline goes live. Bridges into NYC no longer accept cash. NIST releases its first post-quantum cryptography standards. Rolling codes on remote car locks are sometimes not so rolling. Pluton prevents Linux loads on Lenovo Z13 and Z16.

What, exactly, happened with AT&T in 1991?

Fail of the week: ERCOT. Pwn of the week: PFC.

Roger, Roger!

Little Brother Episode 92 2022-07-09

Cellular data and search history used in abortion convictions. UK wants end-user devices to scan for child porn. New York wants social media accounts from prospective gun owners. California gun owner data breech bigger than thought. Using the washrooms to breach a data center. L3 Harris in talks to acquire NSO Group.

There’s not enough competition in telecoms.

Fail of the week: Rogers Communications. Tips for dealing with chaos and the breakdown of the systems we rely on. Pwn of the week: Mariott.

Privacy matters.

Little Brother Episode 91 2022-07-02

Chat Control is as bad as it sounded. Killnet seeks revenge on Lithuania. FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr wants TikTok to go away. Hacktivist group SiegeSec attacks anti-abortion states.

More about Dobbs, more about protecting privacy.

Opsec tips: don’t trust random strangers, and don’t let your SMS messages appear on your lockscreen.

Pwn of the week: California AG’s office. Fail of the week: Tesla

…and yes, Fongaboo did get is phone back.