Little Brother Episode 141 2023-12-23

Google faces antitrust concerns. Epic wins against Google for Play Store fees. Push notifications sorta-protected by new corporate policies. Police using drones to patrol malls. Rite Aid can’t use facial recognition for five years. Tesla tracks you . . . duh! Chevy Tahoe for one dollar.

Vendor lock-in on the railroads. Yes, they are listening to you. Wikipedia article about the Ship of Theseus is a perfect example of a Ship of Theseus.

Voices of 2600: Encrypted police radios.

Opsec: Signal is struggling, but at least you don’t have to tell the police your password.

Pwns: Xfinity, First American. Fail: Michael Cohen’s lawyer.

Failing a genetic test

Little Brother Episode 140 2023-12-09

Another way your phone is a snitch. Meta sues for the right to monetize your kids.

Alerts: Vulnerabilities and attacks on Bluetooth, UEFI and ESXi.

Pwns: Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa, Idaho National Laboratory, 23andMe.

Voices of 2600: Genetic testing

Perplexed with Plex default behavior. Sony Playstation owners discover that “bought” doesn’t mean what they think it means.

Fail: Don’t moon your Android device until you’re 18.