Not to be outdone . . .

Little Brother Episode 132 2023-06-24

Satellite cellular service tested. WD wants you to buy more hard drives. Texas outlaws kids on social media. Yep, the government is buying data to skirt the fourth and fifth amendments. They’re using it to track pro-choice activists. Teams has a bug (no, really?). Court pauses Microsoft acquisition of Activision. New games released for Nintendo Gameboy Color and Atari VCS.

Heads-up: GitHub bug allowing repos to be taken over, what causes it and how to prevent it.

Commentaries: Right to Repair, Advertisements, All-in pricing.

Roundups: The Reddit meltdown, AI

Pwns: Ofcom, DOE, St. Margaret’s Hospital

Fail: Crypto keys can be read by watching the power light of a smart card reader.