Little Brother Episode 49 2021-08-28

The chip shortage continues. Razer mouse driver vulnerabilities. Chrome vulnerabilities. Social media-based credit scores. DRM in power tools. Voting machine password treachery. The end of landlines in the UK. Busy week of pwnage. OpSec for the whole family

Who Got Pwnt?

Little Brother Episode 48 2021-08-21

Morse code for obfuscation, cybersecurity in the Infrastructure Bill, Apple keeps digging their hole, data migration gone bad, first installment of “Who Got Pwnt This week?”

Here we go again . . . .

Little Brother Episode 47 2021-08-14

Microsoft still needs to get their act together. Ransomware still happens. Chips are still in short supply. Ham radio websites live like it’s still 1999. Apple steps in it.

Programming note

Jump points

Protip for my listeners: If you want to skip over the introduction, the headlines will generally start at 1:15, and the commentaries will start at 6:18, unless there is a programming note (as in Ep. 45) or a cold open (as in Ep 44) in which case it will be pushed back by a few seconds, but should still be pretty close.

Can we please learn something from this?

Little Brother Episode 46 2021-08-07

Headlines: latest ransomware victims, cybersecurity from the federal government view, AI botches COVID predictions, barcodes and the EICAR string. PwnedPiper vulnerability on pneumatic tube systems. Secure disposal of old computers. Let’s not return to the office.