Bleeps, creeps, sweeps

Little Brother Episode 58 2021-10-30

Google Maps has COVID-19 stats. Facebook is so Meta. Nobelium is on Microsoft’s radar. ISPs are on the FTC’s radar. Ranzy is on the FBI’s radar. PATCH YOUR SYSTEMS!

Pwns of the week: National Rifle Association, Scoolio GmbH, and yes, I’m still talking about Misourri.

Can't show Missouri anything.

Little Brother Episode 57 2021-10-23

Adblockers that inject ads, contract disputes just like cable used to make, what’s old is new again, warrant for the word “criminal”, insulin pumps that can kill you on command, patch your systems! Sinclair off the air, candy corns will reach the market despite threat agents’ best efforts, Argentina – the whole damn country, gets pwnt. Twitch is “taking it seriously.” You can’t show Missouri anything.

Missourri loves company

Little Brother Episode 56 2021-10-16

Kindergarten level cybersecurity, here we go again with the crypto, protect security researchers, Android is a spy, smart grocery carts, water supply under attack. Visible wireless got pwnt. Long breakdown of the Missourri education department pwn. I quit facebook.

Facebook Anonymous

Little Brother Episode 55 2021-10-09

Reporting ransomware, .club offline, Apple requires apps to make account deletion easier, money stolen from Coinbase, Tesla self-driving now generally available. Pwns of the week: Twitch, Syniverse, Facebook. Facebook Anonymous.

Don't look now, but Epik Fail's back!

Little Brother Episode 54 2021-10-02

Effects of Epik Fail. Medialab buys Imgur. Dallas Police data loss post-mortem. Burning coal to mine Bitcoin. First death from a hack? Epik Fail the /b/ sides. Digital slam