You can all go now.

Little Brother Episode 62 2021-11-27

The UK has a new privacy law. They also got hacked. Microsoft didn’t fix the thing they thought they fixed. A German state is telling Microsoft to hit the road. Lush is telling Meta to hit the road. The US government wants to know about bank data breaches in 36 hours or less, or it’s free. GoGuardian lets NY Public schools snoop on their students. How to duplicate a fingerprint to unlock devices.

Pwn of the week: GoDaddy.

What do Tesla and Adobe have in common?

Little Brother Episode 61 2021-11-20

Vizio makes more on smart TVs being smart than being sold. New malware infects home routers. Adobe network outage causes software to stop working. Tesla network outage causes cars to stop working. YouTube kills downvote counts. Ohio sues Meta. Pwns of the week: Israeli government, California Pizza Kitchen

FBI got pwnt?!

Little Brother Episode 60 2021-11-13

Microsoft makes employer snooping easier. Clearview booted from Australia. New bounty on REvil. Randorio holds onto info about a critical vulnerability for a year. Bill would eliminate conflicts of interest. RIP Allan Paller. Pwns of the week: Robinhood, Sunwater and . . . The FBI!! Legalizing hacking back is a bad idea.

Trojan source

Little Brother Episode 59 2021-11-06

$10 million bounty for the leaders of DarkSide. Signal has fun with subpoenas. ZTE and Huawei cellular gear to be purged and destroyed. NSO blacklisted. Gitlab becomes a botnet. Pwn of the week: Dallas Police. Trojan source code.