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Little Brother Episode 147 2024-04-27

Grindr accused of revealing HIV status of its users. Missouri AG sues media watchdog. Google deletes data they collected from “incognito” mode users. Target targeted over biometrics. NYC to use body scanners on the Subways. Bill to prohibit law enforcement from using data brokers passes House. Tik-Tok “ban” passes. Windows 11 now advertises in the Start menu.

Using the EICAR string to test for plaintext password storage. More on auto insurers buying data from your car’s manufacturer.

Alert: PuTTY vulnerable to revealing private keys.

Pwns: Lightning round! AT&T; OWASP; Jackson County, Missouri; Cisco; New York State; MITRE. More on the Change Healthcare pwn.

Infrastructure: Muleshoe, TX water supply; 911 in four states.

Opsec: Bribing cellco employees for SIM swaps; High quality phishing attack against LastPass; Facebook was trying to snoop Snapchat traffic and others.

Fail: Bell Canda Fibe TV Cloud DVR.

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