Holding portals captive

Little Brother Episode 104 2022-10-08

Limits on intelligence collection by the US in Europe. Flock Safety again. California corporations cannot share data with out-of-state authorities over abortion. Hactivists attacking Russia from the inside. DOJ files charges over counterfeit Cisco gear. EU mandates USB-C as the one port to rule them all. Signal Private Messenger really is private.

Pwns of the week: LA Unified School District, TD Bank. Fail of the week: An un-named financial company in Hawaii.

…and I hate captive portals. Find out why!

Nosy, nosy, nosy

Little Brother Episode 103 2022-10-01

BGP hijacking costs $235,000 in cryptocurrency. VPN operators vacate India. US Postal Service is nosy. Churches are nosier. Meta and Samsung get sued for being nosy. Ed Snowden is now a Russian. Democratic Senators want to close Fourth Amendment loophole. Taiwan is training its citizens in cybersecurity.

Amazon wants to buy a chain of doctor’s offices. Book bans . . . or not . . . in Central York, Pennsylvania. Attacks on open-source Windows apps.

Pwn of the week: Canada Border Services Agency. Fail of the week: Wing.