Little Brother Episode 78 2022-03-26

GPS Jamming near Ukraine. Goodwill Ransomware. Patch your systems already! Clever password skimmer site. Refugee carries life savings on thumb drive as Bitcoin. Mariupol computer museum destroyed. RIP Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF.

Pwns of the week: Transneft, Nestlé, Microsoft, Okta. Fail of the week: AEG

Russian but still behind.

Little Brother Episode 77 2022-03-19

VHS-era video laws still in effect. Ireland fines Facebook. Microsoft puts ads in the file browser. Firefox tracks you. DST bill passage was a surprise. Snoop Dogg annoys streaming listeners.

Ukraine uses Clearview AI at checkpoints. Ukraine joins European power grid and unplugs from Russia. ESET discovers sabotage malware in Ukraine. Russians using more VPN and Signal Private Messenger, but less Telegram. Russia launches their own CA, but is running out of data storage.

Germany warns against using Kaspersky.

No Pwn of the Week. Fails of the week: Russian armed forces, Google Maps.

Shortwave lives again

Little Brother Episode 76 2022-03-12

Please note that the start of this podcast is intended to sound like a shortwave broadcast. The sound will become normal during the introduction.

US Senate passes a bill requiring incidents reporting. Senators suck at OPSEC. Dirty pipes. Backblaze tests SSDs. Weight Watchers knows too much.

BBC shortwave broadcasts have begun.

Pwns of the week: Samsung, six state governments, Roskomnadzor, Conti.


Little Brother Episode 75 2022-03-05

Conti fights for Russia without fighting for Russia. Facebook wants selfies to delete accounts. War griefing. Orbot for iOS drops. Toyota shuts down from cyber attack. MikroTik routers in Ukraine compromised.

News about Signal Private Messenger and shortwave shenanigans. Pwn of the week: Russian military. Fail of the week: also Russian military.