Little Brother Episode 144 2024-02-24

European court finds in favor of end-to-end encryption. India finds against Protonmail. Reddit to go public. Charles Berthoud has been cancelled and can’t find out why.

Follow ups: Police Raid on Marion County Recorder (ep. 133a), AMBER Alert (ep. 136).

AI Roundup: AI Researcher fined incorrectly by an AI for a traffic infraction. Amazon finds emergent behaviors from AI. Air Canada held to promises made by its AI chatbot. English teacher finds a way to stop LLM-based plagiarism.

Opsec: Mixup of user data at Wyze. Near Intelligence is tracking patients at family planning clinics. Shipping company busted for putting GPS trackers on police cars.

Pwn: IMS. Fails:, AT&T Wireless.