Get a fucking warrant!

Little Brother Episode 120 2023-02-25

Reddit gets subpoenaed in piracy case. Language neutering New York Right to Repair law was given verbatim by lobbyists. German courts order restraint in use of Palantir Gotham.

Two cases before the Supreme Court could reshape the Internet as we know it. Signal will be unavailable in the UK if the Parliament demands broken encryption.

Pwns of the week: Activision, LA Public Schools.

From Sydney with love

Little Brother Episode 119 2023-02-18

Apple kills CSAM autodetection. FBI may lose some of its surveillance powers due to abuse. Bing now has a ChatGPT interface that tells you more than it is supposed to. It also thinks it is in love with you. Virginia misses the opportunity not to be nosy.

Hiding the location of a mobile phone is a lost cause. Did you know your mobile phone has an SOS function?

Pwns of the week: GoDaddy,, Community Health Systems, City of Oakland. Fail of the week: Netflix

¡ESXi Carramba!

Little Brother Episode 118 2023-02-11

SpaceX blocks the use of their StarLink satellites from being used by Ukrainian drones. Windows 10 really talks too much. Louisiana requires you to upload ID to watch porn.

New ransomware attacks ESXi — not the servers it runs, but ESXi itslef. Running Sudo? Patch your systems! Using OpenSSL? Patch your systems! Is ChatGPT a threat to privacy or just a new way to access an old one?

Pwns of the week: Charlie Hebdo, Reddit

You're out of your mind.

Little Brother Episode 117 2023-02-04

Hunter Biden is not taking it sitting down. Used computer dealer offers to sell San Benito school computers back to them. ADS-B Exchange future is murky. Google Fi warns of sim swaps. Variable message signs are hackable.

Voices of Albany 2600: variable message signs and computer repair ethics. Opsec: We need finer-grained encryption now. Fail of the week: ERCOT. Pwns of the week: Yandex, Green Atom, PeopleConnect.