The Elonphant in the room

Little Brother Episode 83 2022-04-30

EU requires social media to explain their algorithms, but Facebook can’t. Google implements “reject all cookies” button in the EU. Hospital requires nurses to bring their own laptops. Chula Vista averages 274 police drone deployments a day. Elon Musk buys Twitter.

Intro to DD-WRT.

Opsec tip: Two factor authentication

Pwn of the week: T-Mobile.


Little Brother Episode 82 2022-04-23

Freedom Phone’s Signal Not-so-private Messenger. Conferencing apps are listening when they shouldn’t be. The Copyright Crowd are back. Apple’s app tracking transparency costs Meta more than originally thought. SpaceX beats Russian jamming. Ted Lieu wants warrants for metadata. SEC wants cybersecurity in the board room.

Intro to open-source firmware. Don’t give away too much info.


Little Brother Episode 81 2022-04-16

European Union rolls its own facial recognition network. EU officials targeted using Pegasus. DOJ seizes RaidForums. Fired Sysadmin jailed and fined for vandalism. ProtonVPN passes audit.

Teardown of EAS in-band signalling. Personal OPSEC: making your communications channels redundant.

Pwn of the week: Congress. Fails of the week: AT&T, Atlassian.

Dodging surveillance

Little Brother Episode 80 2022-04-09

Android app to detect unauthorized Apple AirTags. The Post Office has a law enforcement branch that overreaches. Google boots a spyware APK from the Play Store. US Government patches your system whether you like it or not.

Interview with Ethan Gregory Dodge on ALPR maker Flock Safety.

Pwn of the week: MailChimp.

Listener letter from Snackness.

Propaganda Prevention Printers

Little Brother Episode 79 2022-04-02

Flock Safety is watching you. Network printers in Russia spread anti-propaganda. Okta had a password spreadsheet. Apple and Meta taken in by counterfeit legal instruments. Russia accepts bitcoin for payment.

Security alert: patch Chrome!

Pwns of the week: Sephora, Viasat. Fails of the week: Signal, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, WhatsApp.