Are you fucking kidding me?

Little Brother Episode 70 2022-01-29

Safari on iOS is insecure. is comparing faces to a database looking for repeat identity thieves. Industrial equipment pre-loaded with malware. Pkexec considered harmful. FCC orders ISPs to lay out plan details clearly.

Pwns of the week: Belarusian Railways, Patriot Front

Google bait and switch might get them sued, location handling gets them sued twice, they give up on privacy-invading FLoC technology, and they fail to recognize that there’s no copyright on the number one.

Finally, a crisis intervention AI shares data with a commercial chatbot.

New feature!

Little Brother Episode 69 2022-01-22

UK Government wants to convince you not to encrypt. Eye/o wins a precedent-setting court case. Australian citizens’ phones seized and searched when they returned home from overseas. Israel uses Pegasus against its citizenry. Democrats propose outlawing surveillance advertising. Youtube-dl hosting provider sued. IRS needs to see your face.

Standards are there to make things work together; Apple would rather lock in its users. Ten years after the SOPA/PIPA protests.

Pwn of the week: Red cross; fail of the week: Android Camera QR reader.

Wow it's been a busy week

Little Brother Episode 68 2022-01-15

Bad USB drives. Apple vs T-Mobile. Dutch Olympians advised to leave their devices home. Europol put on a data diet. CISA concerned about cyber threats. Google Analytics is illegal in Austria. FTC wants to break Meta up while the UK wants to sue it into oblivion. Log4j summit at the White House. REvil gets pinched. Reddit goes down. Ransomware goes.

Canon has a DRM problem with their printers. QR codes considered harmful.

Pwns of the week: Albuquerque School District, Ukraine government

Drifting into the Etherium

Little Brother Episode 67 2022-01-08

Norton 360 mines Etherium. MS Defender misses a spot. Amazon sued for collection biometric data. WSDOT has a trivially exploitable flaw. France fines Google and Facebook over cookies. Swiss army bans most messaging apps.

Pwns of the week: an unnamed academic institution and Broward Health.

That'll teach me to take a week off!

Little Brother Episode 66 2022-01-01

Clearview AI ordered to delete data on French citizens. Teslas can repossess themselves. Log4J again. Canadian government was already using the tracking data. Don’t store your passwords in your browser. Duck Duck Go gains again this year. TikTok wants to look around your LAN. Tianhe space station nearly collides with a Starlink satellite.

Pwns of the fortnight: Any streaming service using the Widevine DRM system, SEGA Europe, the Belgian Ministry of Defence, many LastPass users, and our returning champion, T-Mobile.

Data caps are a racket and two state governors are being daft.


Little Brother will resume next week.

Owing to the Christmas holiday, there will be no episode this week. Little Brother will resume next week with Episode 66 publishing on New Years’ Day. Merry Christmas. See you all next year.

Log4J Somebody pushed play!

Little Brother Episode 65 2021-12-18

Instagram account @Metaverse gets silenced, then reactivated. More cable wars in the streaming space. AWS does it again, I think? DHS bug bounty. Apple buries its CSAM program. Radioactive protection against 5G – NOT! Canada wants to know where Canadians are going.

Pwn of the week: Everyone. Also the State of Virginia.

First ever listener letter.

Getting the feds involved

Little Brother Episode 64 2021-12-11

Check your privacy settings if you use Verizon Wireless. Check your privacy settings if you use Verizon FiOS. Check them again, and again, and again. Don’t send your Google phone in for repairs unless you can back it up and wipe it. A company that sends text messages is also selling user data but only the boss knows. Apps are ignoring the Apple iOS privacy settings. Life 360 is selling your data. Roku and YouTube bury the hatchet.

Pwn of the week: The Brazilian Ministry of Health. Incompetence? Neglect? Sabotage? You decide.

Interview with Fongaboo of the Helix Foundation (which hosts this podcast) on getting the FCC involved when the Internet monopoly in your area won’t fix their problems.

Wi-Fi All The Things!

Little Brother Episode 63 2021-12-04

Israel shortens list of cyberweapon export eligible nations. Pegasus spyware used against Palestinian activists. Pegasus spyware used against the US State Department. Signal is still the best private messaging app. Qualcomm wants your phone’s camera on all the time. Australia doesn’t understand social media.

Pwns of the week: DNA Diagnostics Center and Planned Parenthood of LA

Also: Who needs a Wi-Fi barbecue grill?

You can all go now.

Little Brother Episode 62 2021-11-27

The UK has a new privacy law. They also got hacked. Microsoft didn’t fix the thing they thought they fixed. A German state is telling Microsoft to hit the road. Lush is telling Meta to hit the road. The US government wants to know about bank data breaches in 36 hours or less, or it’s free. GoGuardian lets NY Public schools snoop on their students. How to duplicate a fingerprint to unlock devices.

Pwn of the week: GoDaddy.