Little Brother Episode 112 2022-12-24

The server belched. Congress tries to ban TikTok. The EU wants to ban targeted ads. Greece bans spyware. NIST retires SHA-1. GMail has end-to-end encryption. Tax prep services have been handing data over to Meta. US Government invests in AI to address microaggression. Russia attempts cyberattack on NATO and fails. Private individual attempts cyberattack on Russia and succeeds.

Twitter is a dumpster fire. MSG Holdings is getting overly aggressive with facial recognition. An activist’s guide to not getting spied on.

Pwns of the fortnight: Uber, Microsoft, Infragard, DHHS, the US infrastructure, Okta. Fails of the fortnight: Eufy, iRobot.

Also, here is the link to the Privacy International report that I mention in the episode.

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